Due to her true belief that learning can be fun and joyful,  music therapist and advertising agent Virginia Adams  created the label “Smart Kid”.  Her professional experience in advertising, where the appeal to dreams is extremely important, and her studies  in music therapy together with her maternal love resulted in this fantastic experience  the label “ SMART KID”

The Creator

Virginia Adams
Designer and Producer

Virginia Adams is an author, a composer and a producer. She studied Fine Arts and graduated in Music Therapy; she also works in advertising at her company Disco Voador Productions.  All these elements added to her motherly determination of creating products to motivate her children to eat healthy food, exercise, brush their teeth, etc;  as well as teaching them basic concepts developed  in pre and elementary schools such as : ecology, parts of the body, differences, hygiene habits among others, resulted in the creation of several fun educational products like books, CDs, shows, TV and Radio programs with the endorsement of  MA and Phd Carlos Alberto de Mattos Ferreira, always under the motto Playing and Learning.

Meet the Team
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